Everything you need to know about managing sales operations in one place. RAYNET has teamed up with seasoned sales consultants from SALESDOCk! Together, we have built an education hub where sales managers pick up thorough know-how to gain excellence. Join us and master team leadership, learn how to initiate a sales process, become the best in recruiting.
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Sales Leadership

Don’t be just a boss of your team, be a true leader! In the first episode, you’ll learn about everything a sales leader’s job should entail and how to effectively manage a sales team, smaller or large. We’ll show you how to motivate people, set up sales provisions and measure your results purposefully.

Hiring and onboarding

Building a team of first-rate sales reps, who have your company in their DNA, is never a coincidence. In this chapter, we’ll show you how to headhunt with the best success rate and how to attract the most excellent sales people—so that they come to you. We’ll also guide you through the onboarding process, step by step. 

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Sales Process / Stack

Sales process is a series of consequent steps that helps your sales reps repeat their successful deals and sell effectively. We’ll give you useful tips on how to set up your sales process, how to perfect it and how to explain it to your sales reps.

Identifying your Customers

The best sales managers know their clients and their team. This chapter will teach you how to find out all the relevant data about your target groups, how to create marketing personas and why it’s important to be on good terms with your business competitors.

Sales Education

Your sales reps always grow and develop better with guidance. This episode shows you the most important areas you should educate your sales reps in and which form of education you should choose. You’ll also gain valuable knowledge on how to approach sales education in general and how to deal with letting people go.

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