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4 reasons to invest time in regular sales review meetings

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If your team is independent, you’re a great sales manager! The sales representatives can work on their own and most times you ask them “what they got cookin’” the answer is “Yeah, it looks good, they should buy it, because…”? Sounds great, doesn’t it?!

Then, the reality hits you hard when you find out that it’s just something they’ve been assuming, rather than something the client told them. The deal is lost. Regular sales meetings are the basics of sales leadership and are excellent prevention to similar cases. So, if you’re just about setting them up or think they’re a waste of time, keep reading.

Just setting expectations won’t work. Regular sales “1on1” or even team “All-hands” meetings between the sales manager and his sales team are a two-way activity. The team needs constant input and help, and the sales manager needs to stay updated about their work. Both sides should, therefore, invest in a regular sales update meeting.

Why sales weekly or bi-weekly reviews are worth the time

Are you following?

regular mechanism

The point of sales review meetings is not just to get an update on what is happening. If you're a leader or a manager, consider these points.

Advantages of regular meetings with your sales team:

We believe these are worth investing your time regularly.

People, more people!

tips saving time

We believe these are worth investing your time regularly. Whether you’re revisiting or setting up from scratch, follow our tips to know you’re getting the most of this time investment:

Define structure - Based on your business type, decide whether it’s better to have “1on1” or “all-hands” updates. A small segment should probably allow for having individual meetings with each sales team member, while if there’s a team working on an enterprise deal, it’s better to meet in a group.

You highly suggest you do a combo - a group meeting with everyone, including the marketing team, etc., and individual meetings with the sales representatives, where you change to coach and give feedback. 

Set the frequency - You can schedule your sales reviews weekly or bi-weekly. We don’t recommend longer periods between individual meetings; important things may get lost.

Frequency is mostly influenced by the length of your sales cycle and the seniority of your sales representative. Shorter, smaller deals deserve weekly updates, while enterprises taking a year to close are sufficient to be discussed bi-weekly. 

Evaluate and iterate - Sales reviews meetings should not be solely about reporting. There must be a mutual value. Sales managers get control over what’s happening, and the sales representative gets ideas and tips for improvement. It’s a dedicated time for you to sync up, discuss objections and barriers in deals.

You’ll get the chance to motivate every sales representative again and again. Discussions move people forward, not checklists. 

Have the Agenda and stick to it - Both sides will be better prepared. It saves time

Never skip sales reviews - And do not be late for the meetings. Show the sales representatives that you value their time.

Do not criticize or give negative feedback to anyone in front of others. (if having and "all-hands" meeting) Conversely, if you're praising, make sure the whole team hears.

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What to do? 

What to discuss at the regular sales review meetings

Start with activities closest to the revenue to those furthest from it. You continuously compare plans to reality. 

What to discuss at the regular sales review meetings:

Wrap up

Sales managers are always busy. But they shouldn’t underestimate the importance of meeting with their team regularly and staying updated.

Sales reviews don’t need to be extra long; about 30 minutes will do (provided that you set the agenda clear and everyone comes prepared).

Remember, sometimes, sales representatives tend to wait to meet you to discuss important matters with you. That’s why we need to repeat not to skip your sales reviews. Show them you care, it is your responsibility.


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